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The Court

The probation department's first priority is to the courts, by providing direct supervision to the clientele, by preparing written investigative reports to the court and by informing the court of the client's performance while under supervision or probation.

The Client

In providing direct supervision to each client, the department assesses the needs for each individual and matches the intervention to their needs. By treating each client with respect and dignity the probation officer is better equipped to assist them in goal setting by increasing motivation to obtain stated goals and overcoming the barriers to success.

The Community

The role of the probation department within the community consists of keeping abreast of best practices in the field of community corrections and applying them to the individuals that remain part of the fabric of the community. By developing policy and practices that adhere to the research and collecting relevant data to guide decision making, the probation department is able to provide efficiant, cost effective services to address reoffending behavior and promote public safety.


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