Coroner Report Fees

Public Information Policy

No information will be released on any cases until the inquest is held and investigation is complete. When the case is closed, the following items will be released upon request.

Item Price
Copy of Transcript of Sworn Testimony $5.00/Page
Copy of an Autopsy Report $50.00
Copy of Verdict of Coroner's Jury $5.00
Copy of Toxicology Report $25.00
Print of a Picture Obtained by the Coroner $3.00
Miscellaneous Reports $25.00

Fees for the above items when released for copying are controlled by Section 55 ILCS 5/4-7001 of the Illinois Revised Statutes, as amended. Payment must be received in advance. To request any of this information, fill out the Coroner's Report Request form (PDF file). Fill out the form, include payment and send to

Stephenson County Coroner's Office
15 N Galena Ave.
Freeport, IL 61032

Checks payable to: Stephenson County Coroner's Office.

All other public information released from the Coroner's office will be controlled by the Freedom of Information Act, Public Act 83-1013 on file in this office. After filling out the Freedom of Information Act form (PDF file), email, fax or send by mail to the address listed above.

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