Jail/Inmate Information

Sending Mail to an inmate

Inmate Telephone Calls / Visitation
Inmate Funds / Commissary

  • Jail inmates are not allowed to have cash. Each jail inmate has a trust fund set up in his/her behalf. This fund can be used for bail, hygiene items and food items.
  • Money can be placed on an inmate’s books in three ways:
  • In person using the lobby cashier at the jail. Cash, debit and credit cards may be used. Convenience fees apply.
  • Questions or problems with the lobby cashier, call the Jail at 1-815-235-8254.
  • Any funds placed on an inmate’s account may be used to pay unpaid fines, costs and restitution.

Inmate Bail / Release - Inmate housing and bail information is currently "Under Construction" and temporarily unavailable.

  • Inmate release dates and times are not given out.
  • Court information will not be given out.
To Pay BAIL via Credit or Debit Card please visit www.jailatm.com - for more assistance, please call 870-627-5476 (available 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM)

Information you will need to provide:
Inmate - Name
Facility Name

TOTAL AMOUNT being paid, which is:
$65.00 (Bond Fee)

www. jailatm.com accepts: MasterCard / VISA only.

A bond fee of $65.00 must accompany any bails posted for the inmate.

Once an inmate is bailed out, it may take several hours for the release to be completed.

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