County Officials

County Officials

Elected County Officers

County Clerk Jazmin Wingert 815-235-8289
Circuit Clerk Shanelle Bardell 815-235-8266
Treasurer Stephanie Helms 815-235-8264
Sheriff Steve Stovall 815-235-8290
State's Attorney Carl Larson 815-235-8279
Coroner Todd Welch 815-801-5019

Appointed County Officers

County Engineer Dale Rasmussen 815-235-7497
Zoning Administrator Beth Henning 815-599-0344
Director of Court Services Dr. Joann McGee 815-235-8282
Chief County Assessment Officer Angie Dieterman 815-235-8260
County Administrator Georgia Newcomer 815-235-8277
County Veterinarian Dr. William Condie 815-235-8276
Public Defender Byron Sloan 815-235-8365
Nursing Home Administrator Ivy Gleeson 815-235-6173
County Health Administrator Kerry Whipple 815-235-8353
Emergency Management Scott Townsend 815-599-0344

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